1.3 Matterport Visitor Analytics Tools

Leverage our Visitor Analytics suite for Matterport tours to understand the individual online viewing journeys of your prospects and offer hyper-personalised outreach based on their viewing preferences.

Utilize our data collated from Matterport tour visits to understand which channels and marketing campaigns are generating revenue-generating traffic to your Matterport tours.

Visitor Insights

Once an online visitor has interacted through our lead generation forms, we can track their customer journey across all your Matterport spaces and any forms they have completed.

This data allows agents to engage extremely effectively with those prospects, as their buying preferences have been captured through their online activity, offering an opportunity for hyper-personalised engagement either thru automated outbound marketing campaigns or direct contact.

Sources Insights

Our Sources Insights captures data on websites and other channels that refer visitors to your Matterport spaces. This includes traffic from your website, social media, other platforms such as the MLS and from paid advertising.

This data can be filtered down to specific Matterport spaces and even on a specific visitor to understand where their journey commenced. If that visitor journey ended in a sale, this data is invaluable in understanding from which channels (including organic and paid) Matterport traffic is generating revenue.

Engagement Insights

Our Engagement Insights data allows clients to understand how each of our registration templates is performing in driving engagement with our Matterport forms and contact options.

These insights allow clients to adjust the registration templates they are using to optimize the engagement with and collection of contact information from prospects visiting their Matterport tours.

Spaces Insights

Our Spaces Insights data offers a helicopter view of visitor engagement on each Matterport space, including the total number of visitors, visitor registrations, agent contact, and viewings requested.

As property viewings move increasingly online, owners and landlords see fewer physical viewings in their spaces, making it harder to ascertain the value the agent is adding. By providing regular data to those stakeholders, agents can demonstrate their value and their online engagement activities.

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