9.2 In-Viewing Features

There are multiple settings available in Agent-Accompanied Virtual Viewings, including audio/video settings, chat messaging and the ability for agents to showcase other properties and hand control to viewing guests. These are highlighted in Figure 15 below.

A. Chat

Chat messaging allows guests to ask questions during the viewing and this may be particularly useful for guests in Open House viewings if they prefer not to ask questions verbally or haven’t connected their mic and camera. The agent and guests are able to send chat messages either privately between themselves or to everyone participating on the virtual viewing.

If the agent or guests are in the virtual viewing but not on the chat tab, a sound notification will be triggered when a new message is received, accompanied by a red circle over the chat icon.

B. Video

Both agents and guests have the option to appear on video during a private viewing.

For Open Viewings, only the agent can join by video. Additionally, guests in an Open Viewing can only see their name and the agent’s name in the participant's list. All other guests will be listed as anonymous attendees.

C. Mute

The agent and guest can opt to have a microphone either turned on or muted during a virtual viewing. A message will come up at the top of the screen saying your microphone is currently muted.

D. Highlight Reel

The highlight reel allows agents to move directly to a specific area of a space-saving the time of manually transitioning through a property.

E. Mic & Camera Settings

If required, all attendees can change device settings during the virtual viewing to adjust the microphone or camera they wish to use.

F. Hide Video

If agents need to hide their video during virtual viewings this can be enabled.

G. Measuring Tool

Accurately measure a room with the inbuilt measuring tool by clicking at the start point and clicking again at the end point. This can only be done by the agent or by a guest if they are in control of the viewing, but not as a shared experience.

H. Floor Selector

Move quickly to a different floor level in a space, which is particularly useful for large multi-floor properties.

I. Floorplan

The floorplan provides a bird’s eye view of a space.

J. Give Control to the Attendee

An agent can give control to an attendee to navigate through a property during a private virtual viewing. This feature is not available during an open-house virtual viewing.

K. Viewing Options

Agents have a number of viewing options available to them when presenting to guests during an agent-accompanied viewing and we will look at these now.

Change Space

Agents can switch between Matterport Spaces within a single viewing by clicking Change Space under Viewing Options. This will result in a further pop up allowing you to find a Matterport Space directly by typing it in the search box.

Open Google Maps

A feature that allows agents and guests to co-browse Google Maps content and to co-explore externally at street level using Street View.

A separate box will then pop up asking them to enter the property location.

Once the desired location has been entered it will bring up Google Maps and subsequent access to Google Street View.

The tick box enabling Maps and Street View in Viewings is located at the bottom of the organisation’s Account Details for admin accounts in global settings.

Open Photos

Agents are able to co-view photos with guests that have been uploaded under the Viewing Assets section of the space details which we cover fully in section 5.2.

Open Videos

Agents can co-view any videos with guests which have been uploaded to the space through the Viewing Assets function under Space Summary. These can be either Youtube or Vimeo videos.

Note: Guests joining on IOS devices will need to press to start video content themselves, as Apple blocks this action from a remote source i.e. the agent in the viewing.

Open Floorplan

Any uploaded floorplans can be co-viewed by agents and guests.

L. Mute All Participants or Individual Participants

The agent has the capability to mute a participant individually or mute all the participants on the virtual viewing simultaneously if the need arises.

M. Remove User

The agent has the ability to remove a user from the viewing by clicking the red circled remove button next to each guest. Once the remove button is pressed a pop up confirmation box will appear confirming removal and once activated, the guest will not be able to rejoin.

The user will receive a message advising that viewing access has been removed.

N. Mattertags

A feature available on Professional and Enterprise plans is the capability to show Mattertags in Agent-Accompanied Viewings and synchronise this content between agents and guests. The tick box to enable Mattertags is located at the bottom of the organisation’s Account Details for admin accounts on the portal’s main menu.

Other Descriptive Information

Various information pertaining to the property is visible within the description pane within viewings which we covered in Section 5.1. This is pulled from the information provided as part of the property set-up in AgentRelay and includes company logo, property description, external property link and price.

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