7.1 Schedule A New Viewing

Click the green Schedule a New Viewing button and a list of previously created Matterport Spaces will be listed. Tick the Matterport space for which you would like to set up an agent-accompanied viewing and press Next.

Viewing Type

Under viewing type, either a private viewing or an open-house viewing can be selected.

Private viewings should be selected for showings when guests are known to each other.

Open-house viewings should be selected when guests need to remain anonymous to each other.


Select the date and time for the guided virtual viewing. The initial date will always default to today’s date and can then be changed as required. There is an option to send an email reminder to guests 2 hours before the guided virtual viewing, as well as for both guests and agents 10 minutes beforehand. Untick the boxes if these reminders are not required for this viewing.

Send Invitations

Add guest email addresses and names. Additionally, agents can edit the time zone and language of the guest by clicking on the green button by each guest’s name.

When all guests have been added click on the Create Viewing button.

Guided Viewing Confirmation

A success box will appear confirming the space being virtually viewed, the time of the viewing and the number of invitees.

Email notifications

The invitee will receive an email confirming the time and date of the agent-accompanied viewing and the name of the agent organising the viewing. The calendar attachment in the invite is set to a duration of 30 minutes. The agent will also be notified of the viewing by email.

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