11. Open House Self-Registration

Agents can allow clients to self-register for opening viewings through a link or a QR code generated as part of the open house creation process. Once an open house viewing has been created, within the Edit Scheduled Viewing screen under Viewings, the registration link or QR code can be shared via email, social media, and other marketing channels by clicking the corresponding green button.

Whenever a registration link is clicked or a QR code scanned, a form appears inviting the customer to self-register for the Open Viewing. Once the registration has been completed, both the agent and the guest will receive email confirmation of the Open Viewing registration.

If the maximum viewing slots have been filled in an Open Viewing, a notification will show advising the customer that the viewing is full and the organiser will be in touch to make alternative arrangements. The agent will also receive an email notification that there is no viewing slots available in the scheduled Open House viewing, allowing them to contact a participant directly to arrange an alternative Virtual Viewing.

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