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7.2 Edit A Viewing

6.2 Edit Viewing
A viewing can easily be edited by clicking on the Viewings tab in the main menu.
Click on the grey edit icon and it will take you to the Edit Scheduled Viewing menu.
A. Property
If you want to change the property that is being scheduled for a guided viewing it can be done in Edit Property.
B. Agent
Admins can edit and reallocate a scheduled viewing to another agent.
C. Viewing Type
If you want to change the type of virtual viewing, i.e. Private or Open-House, it can be done in Edit Viewing Type.
D. Timeslot
The timeslot for the guided viewing can be amended under Edit Timeslot. An automatic notification will also be sent to all guests notifying them of the time change.
E. Guests
Here you can edit, add, or delete guests that are scheduled to attend the virtual viewing.
F. Reminders
Here you can edit reminders sent to guests and agents prior to the scheduled virtual viewing.