2. Sign-Up

On signing up for AgentRelay at https://app.agentrelay.com/signup the new customer will be asked to go through a simple sign-up process starting with the Sign-Up form as shown below.

When the new user types in their name, a username is automatically generated based on their name. If this username has been used before the user will be asked to choose a new username.

The password box requires a minimum of 8 characters and does not request any specific letters, numbers, or special characters.

Upon completion and by clicking on ‘next’ the user will receive a verification email, allowing them to continue to the next step of the sign-up process. If the verification email is not received they can contact our customer support team on support@agentrelay.com

The verification email request will come from the email address no-reply@agentrelay.com with the subject ‘Verify your AgentRelay account’ and contains a code to verify the email entered in the sign- up panel.

Once the code is submitted and validated, the user is then invited to enter the Your Company details. Ensure the Company Name is added in the format the organisation would want customers to see it as this will be used in customer-facing communication, including automated email notifications.

The next stage of the sign-up process is to Choose a Subscription type which can either be the initial free 14-day trial or straight to one of the paid monthly subscription models.

If the user selects to immediately take up a paid subscription, they will be prompted to make a payment by PayPal or by credit/debit card via Paddle and will receive email confirmation confirming the subscription. Paddle is AgentRelay’s global payment partner.

Once the subscription type is complete the user will receive a sign-up success pop-up that says Welcome to AgentRelay and an email sign-up confirmation with the appropriate log-in details.

The user can click to Create a New User or Create a New Property or otherwise select a different option from the main menu.

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