6.2 Edit A Space

From the Spaces Menu, users can click the grey button beside the space to view the Space Summary.

In the Space Summary users have a number of editing options.

Matterport Space

Users can edit the Matterport Space details which includes the Property Description, Price, Lead Agent and Matterport URL.

Lead Agent

The Lead Agent can be changed by clicking the green edit button.

Viewing Assets

As touched upon in section 5.1, Viewing Assets that can be added to the space includes photos, videos and floorplans. Viewing Assets are added by clicking the green edit button next to Viewing Assets under the Space Summary.

Photos in JPG and PNG format can be dragged across or uploaded.

Videos with Vimeo and Youtube URLs can also be inserted.

Floorplans in SVG format can be uploaded or drag and dropped

In-Tour Visitor Contact Actions

In-Tour Visitor Contact Actions for Unaccompanied Virtual Tour Visits are also shown. These are covered in more depth in Section 9.1 but includes options to:

  • Show lead-agent contact details in Matterport Tours

  • Allow tour visitors to request an in-person viewing

  • Allow tour visitors to request a virtual viewing

Visitor Registration Templates for Matterport Tours

AgentRelay offers three Visitor Registration Templates for Matterport Tours for each space and these can be shared from this page.

The first of these, Delayed Registration Required will enforce visitor registration within the Matterport Virtual Tour after a defined number of seconds, set within global settings.

The Immediate Registration required template requires Matterport Virtual Tour visitors to register before viewing the tour.

The No Registration Required template does not enforce the registration of visitors in Matterport Virtual Tours.

We recommend all Matterport Virtual Tours that are made publicly available be shared using one of these templates rather than a standard Matterport link. This allows the organisation to collect important data on those visitors and sites referring visitors to the Matterport Virtual tours, as well as offering opportunities for visitors to contact an agent from within the virtual tour, and indeed to register visitors who are exploring the organisation’s Matterport Virtual Tours.

Agent Accompanied Viewings

An agent can also Schedule a New Viewing on this page. We cover Scheduling a New Viewing in section 6 and cover Matterport Virtual Tour Links in section 9 under Unaccompanied Viewings.

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