6.1 Add A New Space

To add a space on AgentRelay, users can click on the Add New Matterport Space green button. It will open a separate screen where they can enter the space details.

The mandatory fields required are the Space Title and the Matterport URL. However, we recommend a Feature Photo be added, which is then used for both the viewing waiting room imagery and for any visitor registration pages, such as when signing-up for an Open House viewing.

A. Add Space Title

Adding a title allows the user to decide exactly how the property description should appear to guests within the property description pane in virtual viewings. Below this section in Figure 12 we provide an example of how the title appears during a virtual viewing so the user can decide on a title that works.

B. Add Description

Adding content to the description field will automatically populate the description tab on Single Page Property sites for the space. Details of Single Page Property Site covered in section 9.1.

C. Add Reference

Add a reference which is typically the same reference used in your property database. The reference will not be seen in virtual viewings and is for internal reference only.

D. Select Listing URL

Add a link to the external property listing page. This will appear in the property description pane within viewings.

E. Add a Feature Photo

A property feature photo will be visible to a guest when entering a virtual viewing.

F. Add Property Details

  • Price: For both the purchase and the rental of a property, the price will appear in the property description pane within viewings.

  • Type: Select the property type such as purchase or rental. The property type will appear in the property description pane within virtual viewings. Selecting the property type ‘other’ means that no price or property type is displayed should this be a requirement.

  • Number of bedrooms, bathrooms and garages: Enter the appropriate number of relevant rooms in the property which will appear in which will appear in the visitor registration templates.

  • Size: Enter the property dimensions according to the unit of measurement pre-selected in the Account Settings; the default option is set in the global settings and this is either square metres or square feet.

G. Add Google Maps Location

A feature that allows agents and guests to co-browse Google Maps content and to co-explore externally at street level using Street View.

H. Add Matterport URL

The Matterport URL is a required field on AgentRelay.

I. Select Lead Agent

The Lead Agent assigned to a property receives all visitor-related notifications regarding that specific property including visitor registrations, requests for viewings and contact through the Contact Agent button in Unaccompanied Visits. Unaccompanied Visits are covered in depth in section 9.

Once the property is populated and the green Create Space button clicked, you will be taken to a further screen called Viewing Assets which will allow you to add Viewing Assets to help showcase the space.

Viewing Assets that can be added to the space includes photos, videos and floorplans. These can then be used to both promote the space on Unaccompanied Matterport Tour Visits, and for co-viewing with guests on Agent-Accompanied Viewings.

It is not necessary to add Viewing Assets at this stage. They can be added later under the Spaces Summary menu which we cover in section 5.2

Figure 12 is an example of how the property looks within an agent-accompanied virtual viewing which is covered fully in Section 8. It displays the logo, title, external property link, and price format, mirroring how it was populated in the AgentRelay portal.

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