4.8 Insights

Admin users have access to insights across all viewings related data in an organisation. Agents can only access the visitor insights data relating to the spaces for which they are the Lead Agent.

Agent-Accompanied Visits

This section displays all Agent-Guided Virtual Viewings that have been undertaken (for the agent in an agent’s view) or across the organisation (in an admin user’s view).

For Agent-Accompanied Visits, filters allow viewings data to be refined by property, agent, and date (see figure 3 below).

Unaccompanied Visits

This section lists all Unaccompanied Matterport Tour Visits (in which visitors explore Matterport Virtual Tours without an agent). For agents this will only display information for those spaces for which they are the lead agent. For admin users this will display unaccompanied visits for all spaces across the organisation.

This includes anonymous visitors who have clicked to view Matterport tours from general links shared by the agent on their marketing channels, and virtual visits by guests after them having undertaken an Agent-Accompanied Visit.

See figure 4 below.

Visitor Insights

This section details the various customer journeys visitors have undertaken when viewing the organisation's various Matterport Virtual Tours. This can help build a picture of the customer’s journey and the various properties they have viewed.

It also allows agents to filter all visitor touchpoints on those that might need further action, for example, where visitors have requested an Agent-Accompanied Visit and scheduling or follow-up communication is required.

The main Visitor Insights menu (figure 5) provides details on the visitor’s name, initial touchpoint date/time and an action button, an option which allows the user to drill-down into the visitor’s various touchpoints across all Matterport Virtual Tours they have viewed.

Filters further allow a user to refine their search by visitor name (figure 6) or a specific event type (figure 7). Several event types are available and are:

· Attended Agent-Accompanied Visit

· Attended Unaccompanied Visit

· Contacted Agent

· Clicked ‘Contact Agent’ Button

· Clicked ‘Request a Guided Viewing’ Button

· Registered

· Requested In-Person Viewing

· Requested Virtual Viewing

Spaces Insights

This section shows visitor engagement statistics for specific Matterport Tours as a single view. Data in this view can be reviewed internally and shared with the related client for the specific property to show how the virtual property content is performing.

The main Spaces Insights menu (figure 8) provides a list of all the properties, total number of agent-accompanied viewings for each property, the property reference and an action button, allowing users to drill-down into further visitor information for each Matterport Virtual Tour (figure 9).

Registration Insights

This section offers performance data relating to Matterport Virtual Tour templates including registration & contact statistics for visitor engagement on Matterport Tours. In essence this allows users to understand how well the Matterport Virtual Tour templates are performing in driving visitor contact and registration.

These statistics can be filtered by both Property and Start/End Date (figure 10)

Sources Insights

This section offers data detailing the sites which are referring Matterport Virtual Tour visitors, helping agents to ascertain the performance of those sources in driving Matterport Virtual Tour clicks. These referrers may include the agency’s own website, social media such as Facebook, paid advertising, the MLS and property portal clicks.

By default, the reporting includes visitors who did not register and those who have viewed virtual tours after Agent-Guided Viewings using links shared by the agent. These can be removed from the data presented by clicking the relevant exclusion checkboxes.

(figure 11).

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